Jeremy Clough

Trying a new site

Category : Code, Design, Whatever Jan 9th, 2014

I decided to update the site. Maybe Ill add my work now. Ha.

Facebook’s Fancy UI Updates Fall Short

Category : Code, Whatever Sep 22nd, 2011

Well this new update to Facebook is a disaster in my opinion. Did they really need to add Facebook to the upper right of Facebook? Also nice use of the iframe. As you can see the video player controls are not visible which makes the UI updates seem like 1998. Do they even test this stuff?

Facebook Fail

Ouch… Faceplant

Category : Code, Life, Whatever Jul 19th, 2011

Looks like Google+ is gaining tracking and validation. See recent article in Computer World examining user satisfaction. Facebook garnered the lowest satisfaction score of any Web site measured in an annual e-business survey, according to data released today.

Sun Dropped It

Category : Blogroll, Code, Whatever May 4th, 2011

Check out this fun campaign for Sun Drop soda where fans shake their stuff for a chance to be in a commercial. Its a clever idea to generate social content for a contest and draw attention to their product. I just watched the commercial and then was checking out the site soon after. The spot was done by Hypedesigns . The functionality of the build is pretty cool as they combined some interesting off the shelf apps to help create the experience. The concept seems to be what allot brands are going for and this type of campaign could be easily set up. Take a look at the Gallery and a sample of a Users Video Page. Some of the apps used are RevImage for the video contest logic and Cooliris for the menus. Take it for a spin and maybe even submit your own drop it like its hot video to invite your friends to be your fan and we will see you on TV.