Jeremy Clough

I started my creative career at NEIP (Northeast Internet Publishing). They approached me for some design work which sparked my interest in interactive design. Working with them was like an education in all things interactive. I eventually became their lead designer and production coordinator for over four years.

I then decided it was time for a change. I looked into other companies that offered more than just web design services. That eventually led me to Marc Dole. Marc Dole a well known video editor and producer with great expertise in 3D animation. Many of the projects we worked on tied into each others skill sets very well. After a few years of ramping up and transitioning I helped to develop the birth of Hatching Studios. I took on the roll of VP of Interactive Operations and Art Director for the Animation Dept. Hatching became a very respected and recognized creative power-house over the years. I helped the company grow by assisting in every aspect of the interactive business. One of my talents is the ability to feel out what a client wants right away and visually define the end result quickly.

Using my abilities to successfully direct creative and technical teams for large scale projects I then joined Piehead as the EVP of Operations. Working for this strategic digital engagement agency allowed me to experience a plethora of executive creative development efforts with many Fortune 100 brands.

I am currently working with Sentient Decision Science as the VP of Product and Marketing Strategy. I am fortunate to work with a great team developing cutting edge behavioral science research solutions that unlock key insights for the biggest brands in advertising.

I’m loving life in Durham, NH with my amazing wife Julie and my 3 boys Owen, William and Aaron who keep me busy and grounded.

Having a long self paved background in design and strategic brand development allows me to quickly adapt, recommend and create experiences that wow. I’ve been there and done that. So, let’s do what’s next.

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