Jeremy Clough

Happy 14th Birthday William!

Category : Blogroll Jan 18th, 2021

William I am so proud of you today. You are a true force and you will do great things when you stay positive. Keep on pushing with love at your side. I love you!

Doug’s annual 50th birthday party

Category : Blogroll Sep 14th, 2016

The commemorative GIF.

The new bureau is great.

Category : Blogroll Dec 26th, 2012

Bureau of Trade
I love this site for its content. The new look and layout loads so much faster than before. I think its a great example of functional web design. Its much easier to use now giving the user a quick glance at product details. The site is fairly responsive too so its great for smaller resolutions such as phones or tablets. This is very helpful site for retro recommendations, price setting and anything cool to buy online. It does however have many display issues but overall works for me. I think this genre of stuff is just awesome. Check it out!

Im glad…

Category : Blogroll Dec 12th, 2012

I’m glad that I can make my co-workers laugh at my own expense. It reminds me that I don’t laugh at them enough.