Jeremy Clough

Happy 13th Birthday Aaron!

Category : Life Sep 5th, 2022

Aaron with the big heart. I hope it can be filled with joy today. You deserve all the happiness. Love you!

18! Wow Owen!

Category : Life Mar 22nd, 2022

Happy Birthday Owen! On 22 of 2022. Im so proud of you today. Be the man you vision and never compromise. Don’t worry about the past and always try to be positive of the future. Someone as kind as you deserves it! Love you!

Happy 12th Birthday Aaron Clough

Category : Life Sep 5th, 2021

I wanted to say that you are greatest when you are you. You are growing into a wonderful person. Each day is a new beginning and it starts with you. Enjoy the day Air! Love you!

20 years.

Category : Life Aug 4th, 2021

Dear Julie Clough,
20 years is amazing. It’s been a wonderful ride with the greatest person. I hope to be with you for 20 more if I can. Thanks for making my life a success and filling it with joy and love. Love you!