Jeremy Clough

Walking in Eve! There yet?

Category : eve Nov 11th, 2009

This news has been out for a while and its a big topic for eve players. I just cant wait and it was supposed to come out this year! Click here to see teaser! See also the Incarna expansion info for more details. Looks like Ill need to wait.

Join me back in EVE

Category : eve, Whatever Aug 1st, 2009

EVE ShipsYou can once again join the most intense online player vs player space game for free! Im so hooked to this game. If you like to jump in and get out like I do this game is perfect for the long run as you can train your character even when you are playing. Look for Melkweg in space Ill try to set you up.

Free Trial:

Mining Guides in Eve

Category : eve Oct 5th, 2007

Eve Mining – The Mining Guide of Temptations!

Eve Mining Guide

Inventing Eve, sort of…

Category : eve Aug 21st, 2007

Yes you can invent in eve. Create some cool tech II blueprints and make some money.

Here is a great guide on such matters: